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From Paris to Luxembourg, passing thru Mulhouse and Lausanne, together with the art galleries we make shine the contemporary art in Europe.

The Pearl of Belgium

Ghent, a city of culture, long-time regular at the art fairs, offers the unique combination of a rich past and a dynamic present.

Art lovers are there

With an average of 20 000 visitors and 900 sales by event, come to meet your buyers. 

Flanders Expo
A dynamic venue 

More than 140 trade shows, meetings, events and conferences take place there every year.  Thanks to its strategic location in the province of East Flanders, it is the meeting place par excellence for more than one million visitors.

Large scale communication plan

Radio, tv, printed and online medias partnerships, social media advertising campain, urban displays ... More than 50 000 post mail invitations Partenariats radios, tv, presse écrite, presse online, campagnes de pub sur les réseaux sociaux, affichages urbains… Plus de 50 000 invitations sont envoyées par courrier aux collectionneurs, professions libérales, chefs d’entreprises, pour une communication ciblée et efficace. 

A city that attracts

With more than 255 000 inhabitants, Ghent is the second most populous city in Belgium. Its museums, its many cultural events attract collectors and art lovers from around the world. Its altarpiece, «The Mystic Lamb», one of the most famous paintings in the world, a masterpiece of the Van Eyck brothers, is admired by 170,000 visitors a year.


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