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  The Pearl of Belgium

Ghent, a city of culture, long-time regular at the art fairs, offers the unique combination of a rich past and a dynamic present.

A city that knows how to
surround itself

At the heart of Flanders (one of the richest regions in Europe), and a stone’s throw from the Dutch, German, Luxembourg and French borders, Ghent enjoys an ideal geographical location:
Amsterdam 210km – Bonn 280km – Luxembourg 270km – Paris 290km – London 300km

Belgium map

A city that attracts

With more than 255,000 inhabitants, Ghent is the second most populous city in Belgium.
Its museums, its many cultural events attract collectors and art lovers from around the world.
Its altarpiece, «The Mystic Lamb», one of the most famous paintings in the world, masterpiece of the Van Eyck brothers, is admired by 170,000 visitors a year.

A flourishing economy

Flanders, unlike Wallonia, is one of the most dynamic economic regions in Europe.
With a very low unemployment rate (6.1% in January 2019 according to the Flemish Ministry of Employment), Flanders is an exception to the flat country.
Ghent, which is its focal point, is a city rich both economically and culturally.
Effervescent, dynamic and rich in history, Ghent and its famous «Millionaires quarter» where the biggest fortunes of the region nestle, is THE CITY in Belgium not to be missed. There
are definitely customers for you in Ghent!

Only international galleries that regularly organise exhibitions and displays in their local areas are allowed to take part.

Applications from artists agents, as well as independent artists marketing themselves, are not accepted.

In order to submit your application, please return the registration form duly filled in and signed.

• As soon as this is received, you will receive confirmation of receipt via email.

• You will then receive the selection committee’s decision as quickly as possible.

Your application can either be refused, accepted or partly accepted (as certain artists can be refused).
The selection committee aims to ensure the fair’s high level of quality.
The exhibitor contract will come into force solely once the confirmation by our selection committee is received.

The conditions for participation are available on request below in a PDF format.

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