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Another idea of ​​art

In 2017, Mieke Van Doren creates an art gallery that she wants in her image, out of the conventions and out of time. On 700 m2, art is everywhere, and in what a way! We navigate here between paintings, sculptures, Raku, but also in the middle of beautiful Berber carpets, beautiful books, old bronzes or original statues.The gallery is articulated as a multidimensional site, with an eclectic collection of works and objects that are all unique pieces of professional artists.
If each of the artists they represent have a different universe, they are driven by the same values ​​and Mieke weaves strong and lasting bonds with them.
« I wanted an art gallery that is out of the ordinary, that works with coups de Coeur and becomes a real place of discovery, » says Mieke Van Doren.

« Dialogue », Brigitte de la Horie.
Trip around the world
The « Espace Monde » is, 

in the gallery, a small and unusual place, really charming, that invites us to appease. Rare objects, unique pieces and books of exceptional beauty from the Assouline bookshop remind us that art is everywhere, alive, vibrant!

« Espace Monde »
Strong messages
Mieke chose her artists as she would choose love,

with the heart and the intimate certainty of taking the right path. In Ghent we will discover, among other things, the singular artistic worlds of David-Nicolas Djordjevic, his raw expressionism and his Basquiat- like screams, straight out of the guts, Karine Denis and the contemporary dimension that she gives to the Raku ceramics, the figurative creations by Vincent Gild, Jean Koumy, at the crossroads of the Cobra movement, pop art and impressionism and Dominique Zinkpè, a talented African artist.
« The vibrations of the gallery are positive, I want to bring some happiness to the people who come here, that's why I only choose artists whose works are imbued with a positive spirit, even if the message is hard, sometimes ». 

Dominique Zinkpè
Dominique Zinkpè, 
Africa at the heart 

A true favorite of Mieke Van Doren for this multi-faceted Beninese artist whose talent is well established on the international art scene!Zinkpe's approach is complex and diverse. Far from confining himself to a plastic writing, he appropriates all kinds of mediums, as long as they allow him to express himself: installation, drawing, painting, sculpture, and video.
His painting explores tortuous paths where the characters, halfway between human beings and animals, evoke games of power or sex, without doubt alluding to our human comedy.

Dominique Zinkpè

« I knew the Linéart salon, of course, and am happy that a fair exclusively for art will finally return to Ghent, with the same energy and the same passion. »

Mieke Van Doren.


Dorpsstraat 73
9800 Astene, Belgique

 +32 (0)473.34.21.11

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Toulouse Lauwers Gallery

After successfully participating in many international contemporary art fairs since 2001 with the Galerie 49 she held in Saumur, Anne Toulouse Lauwers is not at her first attempt when she opens the Toulouse Lauwers gallery in Nantes in 2015. Always in agreement with her convictions, her passion and her values, our gallerist will accompany us to Ghent with an original and variegated palette of artists.

« Dialogue », Brigitte de la Horie.
« My wish
is to support professional LIVING artists.» 

 « I work entirely by the Coup de Coeur, and I usually take creative artists with strong identities under my wing. No matter if they are fashionable or not, I want quality, originality, creativity, to be able to discover the unique artistic worlds of everyone » says Anne Toulouse Lauwers.
No guidelines, no fashion, no codes, but the right choice of national and international artists combining temperament and talent.

« Buste bleu », Étienne Gros.

Whether paintings, sculptures, drawings, engravings, Anne Toulouse Lauwers is in constant search of « works devoid of violence and that are about dreams, as we all need appeasement, moreover in contact with works of art » In short, artists capable of delivering both strong and soothing messages!

« Herbe bleue », Coco Texedre

Among the many artists represented by the gallery, Coco TEXEDRE, Etienne GROS, Brigitte HORIE, Joanna HAIR or Kyriakos KAZIRAS will be in Ghent.
From Etienne Gros's striking painting to Kyriakos Kaziras' "nature” photography, to the enigmatic writings of Coco Téxèdre, the work of Brigitte de la Horie's natural materials to the original animal sculptures of Joanna Hair, visitors will navigate to the heart of eclectic artistic

« We will meet again », Kyriakos Kaziras

« I exhibited several years in Lineart. Nice sales, beautiful attendance ... I am happy there is an international fair of contemporary art in Ghent again, and have great hope that success will be achieved »

Anne Toulouse-Lauwers.


11 rue La Fayette
44000 NANTES

 +33 (0)2 40 35 78 86
+33 (0)6 99 60 35 49

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Dock Sud
The gallery

has settled in Sète since 2006, will be present in Ghent to meet the art lovers and collectors of the region, but most of all to share its audacious and eclectic artistic choices.

« L’Antéchrist », David Nicolas Djordjevic. 2019
Martin Bez, 
passionate photographer and director of the gallery, 

offers a breathtaking artistic selection which place Dock Sud among the most popular and most successful French galleries of the moment.

Liu Zhengyong

If the gallery puts in first the accent on SOUTH contemporary art ( Gilles Marie Dupuy, Rouzaud, Champieux, Franceli… ) and the Montpellier Sète school from the 60s (Sarthou, Couderc, Bessil, Seguin, Puyuelo... ), It opens itself quickly to further horizons with the young Chinese art scene which own « a true technic, at the same time extremely rigorous along with a rare sensitivity, with a strong connection to art» explains Martin. The gallery is now at the heart of a plentiful Chinese creativity and make pertinent artistic choices. According to Martin Bez « Choices from the heart are always the best. Give in to our emotions, believe in what touches us, that's the key of success! That's why my artistic offer is mostly eclectic. Each art work tells a unique story and gives me thrills ! »  

« L’Antéchrist », David Nicolas Djordjevic. 2019
David Nicolas Djordjevic : 
Raw expressionism 

25 year old, this young artist build himself its own univers in a few years and meet an insolent success with no less than 91art works sold by Dock Sud since February 2018 !

« Simon le magicien », David Nicolas Djordjevic. 2018

After debuting in abstract art, he turns to figurative before evolving his work to what our gallery owner calls «raw expressionism, a true scream from his guts. Some of his subjects can remind Basquiat, shapes and colors from Cobra movement, a work of the Lindström material. We note a proximity with the colored mortuary Mexican celebrations pictorial. But it's him, A real rough diamond. ».
A pictorial vocabulary strongly affirmed, vivid colors, balancing with tortured themes, a paint without brushes made with fingers... a UFO on the contemporary artistic scene!

« An art gallery shall not be wait-and-see, it mush be able to take risks, go and meet people, share, that's why it's important to participate in art shows and fairs like Ghent ART FAIR. »

Martin Bez.

Dock Sud

2 quai de l’Aspirant Herber
34200 Sète

 +33(0)4 67 74 00 77

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